23 February 2007, 10:58 am

BBC Manchester Blogging Workshop

An interesting evening all round, it was the BBC Manchester blogging workshop. Assembled were a wide selection of bloggers (and possible future bloggers) listening to Robin waxing lyrical on blogging. For me, I was looking for ways to sell some of my photographs as prints, posters and the like. Photo’s like this personal favourite from Goose Fair in Nottingham which thanks to the A0 CAD plotter from university now lives in my bedroom as an A0 poster. Craig offered the idea of using PhotoBox to facilitate this which is something i’ll certainly examine.

I’m sure there will be others such as Julia blogging about the event, no doubt the photo of which I took a photo of the photo being taken above (see if you can work that one out) will appear somewhere in the blogosphere at some point soon.

Surprise of the night were the prices at the BBC Manchester Club bar… 50p for a 500ml can of Fosters?! That makes the student bars look positively overpriced!

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2 Responses to “BBC Manchester Blogging Workshop”

  1. toast Says:

    I’m afraid it won’t – you see the derr-brain taking the picture left his memory card sitting in his computer at home… d’oh!


  2. Julia Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Was nice to finally meet you – hopefully we’ll catch up another time again!